Australian Technology Network/UK Universities Alliance

February 2016

Matthew Hall was in Adelaide, South Australia in February this year attending a joint workshop hosted by the Australian Technology Network and the UK Universities Alliance. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss collaborative research opportunities aligned to the research priorities of both jurisdictions around the broad topic of environmental change. Over the course of the two days Matthew discussed the legal and socio-legal components of numerous issues with Network/Alliance members from across Australia and the U.K. Substantial topics Included storm water management, the recycling and treatment of water and the health impacts of climate change. During the week Matthew also visited Adelaide Law School at the University of South Australia to develop plans for collaborations.

Prof Hall said: It'been a fantastic trip with a number of important link drawn between Lincoln Law School, the Lincoln Centre for Environmental Law and Justice and colleagues at a number of other Universities in the UK and Australia. The trip has fostered several opportunities for collaboration on both research and teaching matters'