Prof. Hall Presents Research Findings to Police, Prosecutors and Judges in Utrecht

May 2016

Prof. Matthew Hall travelled to Utrecht in May 2016 to present early findings from a project tendered by the Environment agency of England and Wales at the first Environmental Compliance Conference. Attendance was by invitation of the Environment Agency and Matthew and a colleague from Northumbria University gave a plenary address detailing the use of different criminal sanctions across EU member states in cases of environmental crime. Attendees were mainly representing one of three connected European networks: of Environmental Judges; Environmental Prosecutors and Environmental Police/Investigators. The conference venue was the historic St. Martin's Cathedral, or Dom Church. 

Prof. Hall said 'This was a great opportunity to discuss the difficulties we have identified across the EU with the collection, retention and sharing of data on environmental sentencing with those who are working at levels of the relevant criminal justice systems. The conference emphasised the need to work in close collaboration with practitioners from across the EU to solve these problems"

The official press release for the conference can be found here

Link to press release