Climate change roundtable

July 2015

Photo: , Urgenda Chantal Bekker

In June 2015 a District Court in the Hague in the case of Urgenda v The Netherlands ruled that the Netherlands as a state was in breach of its duty of care to Dutch society by failing to take sufficient steps to mitigate dangerous climate change. This was a hugely significant judgment in terms of its implications for states' responsibility to the environment. In the light of this ruling, and the upcoming Paris Climate Change Conference, the Lincoln Centre for Environmental Law and Justice led a roundtable on climate change.

Following a lecture by Professor Duncan French, co-director of the Centre, the roundtable discussed the legal, political, economic and moral issues arising from climate change, and the ongoing attempt to conclude a new international agreement in Paris in December.

The roundtable specifically discussed the lack of ambition in present negotiations, towards keeping emissions below the 2 degrees target above pre-industrial levels. 

Urgenda v Netherlands  

Link to full judgment