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  1. Duncan French
    Duncan French
    Duncan is Professor of International Law and Co-Director fo the Centre. He is a leading academic on international environmental law and the international legal implications of sustainable development, publishing extensively in these areas, as well as generally on broader questions of public international law.
  2. Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall
    Matthew is Professor of Law & Criminal Justice and Co-Director of the Centre. He has published widely on victim rights and adversarial justice systems as well as pioneered research on environmental victimisation and the application of environmental justice principles in criminal justice systems.
  3. Diane Ryland
    Diane Ryland
    Diane's research interests include EU Procedural Law, the Advocate General and Accession to the ECHR; EU Farm Animal Welfare Standards, the Common Agricultural Policy and the Multifunctional Role of Agriculture and Private Animal Welfare Standards in Agriculture She is researching for a PhD in Animal Welfare in Agriculture: Public and Private Standards
  4. Christy Shucksmith
    Christy Shucksmith
    Christy completed her Ph.D. on 'The International Committee of the Red Cross and its Mandate to Protect and Assist' at the University of Nottingham. During this research Christy was invited to the Australian National University as a Visiting Research Student.
  5. Stephen Turner
    Stephen Turner
    Stephen specialises in the areas of international environmental law, global environmental governance, climate change law and corporate law. He has written two books that relate to rights-based approaches to global environmental governance.
  6. Jack Lampkin
    Jack Lampkin
    Jack Lampkin is a doctoral candidate in the Centre at the University of Lincoln. Jack's PhD research explores the impact of environmental and social harm on victims by conducting an empirical investigation into fracking in the United Kingdom.
  7. James Kunz
    James Kunz
    Jamie is a PhD Candidate in the field of International Environmental Law. His research considers whether environmental objectives would be better served if international courts and tribunals moved further towards an ecocentric perspective in their jurisprudence and procedures.

Visiting Professors

  1. Louis Kotze
    Louis Kotze
    Prof. Dr. Louis J. Kotze is Visiting Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, and Professor of Environmental Law at the Faculty of Law, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa.
  2. Jennifer McKay
    Jennifer McKay
    Professor Jennifer McKay is Professor of Business Law at the University of South Australia Business School. She researches corporate law and makes suggestions for water law reform to deliver sustainable development.
  3. David Townend
    David Townend
    Professor of Law and Legal Philosophy in Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University, NL. Townend's research interests concern the relationship between different norms in governance - particularly between Law, ethics and manners and the construction and extent of key concepts in the Law.