Standards in Environmental Rights Symposium

May 2016

The purpose of this symposium was to investigate the evolution, development and adoption of 'standards' within environmental rights. In other words, where environmental rights have been provided for in specific regimes, whether they be within regional human rights treaties, national constitutions or sub-national constitutions, there are questions related to the actual standards of protection that those rights represent. This symposium through the sharing of research, the dissemination of ideas and discussion sought to cast more light on the precise standards that have evolved, developed or been adopted. It will consider their adequacy, their origins, the reasons for their development and the ways that they can best be developed in the future. Similarly, where applicable, it sought to understand why specific standards have not yet evolved, developed or been adopted and what might be appropriate strategies to address that issue. Therefore as well as considering the precise standards themselves, it sought to assess the processes that are necessary for their evolution, development and adoption and as such will also consider the impediments that hinder those processes.

Symposium keynote address from UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment Prof. John Knox:    

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